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Freegaia vous offre plus de 7 600 icones et curseurs pour Windows.

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Alanis   ArtFolder   BettyBoop
Alanis   ArtFolder   BettyBoop
[ 5 icones fichier ZIP 20Ko ]   [ 14 icones fichier ZIP 13Ko ]   [ 11 icones fichier ZIP 20Ko ]
Cannabis   Droplet [curseurs]   Neon [curseurs]
Cannabis   Droplet   Neon
[ 7 icones fichier ZIP 6Ko ]   [ 12 icones fichier ZIP 6Ko ]   [ 315 icones fichier ZIP 226Ko ]
Prime   Puzzle System   Slant
Prime   Puzzle System   Slant
[ 81 icones fichier ZIP 67Ko ]   [ 40 icones fichier ZIP 36Ko ]   [ 38 icones fichier ZIP 62Ko ]
StarCraft [curseurs]   Super Mario RPG   Teletubbies
StarCraft   Super Mario RPG   Teletubbies
[ 16 icones fichier ZIP 14Ko ]   [ 41 icones fichier ZIP 50Ko ]   [ 22 icones fichier ZIP 69Ko ]

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Icons are little pictures, graphics or symbols meant for use in computers, these kinds of as for menus, windows, screens and also the World-wide-web. Icons are used to represent an idea, function or aspect in numerous techniques. Like every graphic representations, icons improve aesthetics. They convey meanings properly even if language is really a situation. Icons are great tools for self-expression, primarily in instantaneous messaging, and therefore are used to symbolize feelings and identity.

Icons can be understood by their categorization in accordance to their design and style and association with the concept. In resemblance icons, the image with the icon obviously communicates the function, the best way icons for that Recycle Bin, My Personal computer or Word documents show what they suggest. Exemplar icons use symbols to point that means, like targeted visitors symbols, and might not be as immediate as resemblance icons. Symbolic icons might not convey crystal clear that means, but be abstract and suggest deeper concepts. Arbitrary icons are chosen for being exclusive and could have no link to the communication by any means, like four squares connected to each other.

You will find numerous varieties of icons which serve different reasons. Application icons are utilized in application packages these as Microsoft Business office, as buttons and in device bars. Internet site icons are utilized for navigation when making use of the internet, like buttons displaying 'previous,' 'next' and 'back.' Icons known as avatars are utilized in net message boards to signify identity. Desktop icons are for symbolizing several systems. Icons are actively utilised in fast messengers to display emotions or actions like joy, waving and kissing, and to screen identity or standing of availability like away, readily available, hectic and so on. In certain scenarios icons can be tailored and adjusted, though other people won't be able to.

Building an icon demands both equally technical and inventive expertise. Objective and site of use can be an vital consideration. An icon should not be pretty sophisticated, lest knowledge it will become challenging. Cultural beliefs ought to also be regarded for internationalizing particular icons. A symbol all proper in a single way of life may be found as insulting in other. Icons could be utilised as stand-alone, or with text inbound links for labeling functions. For instance, smileys are frequently stand-alone, while upcoming or prior icons are labeled with text.

Icons are tiny things but of prime relevance in any computer-related activity. Picture a desktop with words by yourself and no icons. Icons support in recognizing, effective identification of a strategy, and exhibiting feelings, as in instantaneous messaging.